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Be a volunteer at the 2019 Beach Quebec Grand Slam

Being a volunteer for the Beach Quebec Grand Slam is a unique experience that allows you to meet professional beach volleyball players and to live the passion of volleyball space of a weekend.

The period to sign up as a volunteer is underway. The organization is looking for passionate, motivated individuals who care about beach volleyball. Being a volunteer at the Beach Quebec Grand Slam is also contributing to the success of the largest tournament in beach volleyball in Canada while leveraging its expertise to make the event a success. We need more than 100 people! Be at the rendezvous.

Here's what you'll receive as a volunteer:

  • Event T-shirt
  • Access to the site the day of your volunteering
  • Smoked meat and a free drink per shift

Want to be part of the volunteer team?
Job description:

Volunteer scorer

The role of the scorer is to score points in games and hand the score sheets to the Chief Referee and / or Tournament Manager.

Court Volunteer

As a Court Volunteer, your role is to inform the Tournament Leader if there is a problem or breakage on a field. You are also responsible for the quality of the courts, meaning, equalize the courts before, during and after each match with a rake, adjust the lines, change the height of the net.

Athlete Wellness Volunteer

The Athlete Wellness Volunteer's mission is to ensure the comfort of the athletes. That is, fill the water bottles as needed, provide ice for iceboxes reserved for athletes. You must also ensure that the athletes' area on each field has the necessary equipment, chairs, towels, coolers, etc.

Ball Roller Volunteer

The Ball Roller's role is to get the balls out of bounds and give them back to the players. You are responsible for the running efficiency of the match. You will also have the chance to be on the court with the athletes in the finals as well as the games played on the central court.

Volunteer in charge of the canteen

As the person in charge of the canteen, your job will be to serve food to the customers as well as to provide them drinks, alcoholic or not. One of your responsibilities will also be to make a good cash management.

Volunteer animator of inflatable games

You are dynamic and energetic, this job is for you. The volunteer present at the animation of inflatable games has the role of ensuring the safety of young people when using the games. The concept is to make sure everyone has fun and pleasure.

Volunteer to do everything

The do-it-all volunteer helps other volunteers. It is located in the places where we find the most traffic. If you are interested in more than one volunteer job, this job is for you.

Are you interested?

The help of everyone allows the success of the event. Please fill out the volunteer document by clicking on the following link: Perfect Volunteer Form!

Need more information?

  • Contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact us by phone: 450 444-7235 (between 1 pm and 5 pm, Monday to Friday)
Looking forward to meeting you at the Beach Quebec Grand Slam

About us

We are a group of enthusiasts who dream of international competitions. Our passion is focused on allowing as many athletes and individuals as possible to perform in beach volleyball.

Complexe sportif - Collège Jean de la Mennais
870, chemin St-Jean, La Prairie, Qc, J5R 2L5
450 444-7235
450 659-7657
Lu-Ve: 10 h - 17 h